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How to Create a QR Code Menu?

Creating a digital menu has never been easier!


Choose the plan that suits your needs and start using the QR code menu for a free 15-day trial


Upload your logo, your business name, phone number, social media accounts, and address


Create your categories, add menu items, select your preferred currency and languages


Print your QR code and place it on tables so your visitors can start using it instantly

Our team has worked on simplifying and optimizing the menu creation process into easy steps, allowing you to quickly set up your restaurant menu. Our aim is to save your time and efforts, without adding more digital complexities.
We would be delighted to assist you in case you have any questions or difficulties during the setup process

Qrazy Menu Features

We offer a complete digital menu for your restaurant, prioritizing desired features and providing a unique digital experience for your customers.


Multilingual Support

Add any number of languages to better serve your customers


Real-time Updates

Customers get instant updates on changes made to your menu


No Application Required

Scan QR code with phone camera, No apps are needed


High-Speed Loading

Instant menu & photo loading with cutting-edge cloud servers


Simple Design

The UI design ensures fast and easy navigation


Easy To Use

Easily add categories or items using your control panel


Unlimited Categories

Expand your list with as many categories as desired, with no limits


Unlimited Items

Add unlimited dishes, drinks, or desserts across categories


With or Without Images

No photos, no worries. Add items/categories regardless of images


Ever-present Accessibility

Up-to-date connected servers, ensure 100% uptime

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What is Qrazy Menu Service?

Digital menus represent the healthiest, most innovative, and practical ways for presenting restaurant menu items. Guests can simply scan the QR code on the table with their mobile phones, accessing the restaurant menu without the need to download any third-party applications.

They are user-friendly and elegantly designed to enhance your visitors' experience in exploring the available dishes and beverages. You can easily create, edit, and instantly display menus. Take advantage of fast loading speed and superior performance, surpassing the traditional printed menu experience. Try it now for free and enjoy the perfect digital experience.

Prices and Packages

Choose the package that best suits your requirements and enjoy a free 7-day trial. Your credit card information is not required.




  • Unlimited items
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited tables QR codes
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi QR codes
  • Unlimited staff members
  • Up to 7 ads




  • Up to 100 items
  • 100 categories
  • Up to 5 QR Codes for tables
  • Up to 3 QR Codes for Wi-Fi
  • Up to 3 staff members
  • Up to 3 ads




  • Up to 50 items
  • 50 categories
  • 1 QR code for tables
  • 1 QR code for Wi-Fi
  • 1 staff member
  • 1 ad included




  • Up to 10 items
  • 3 categories
  • 1 QR code for tables
  • 1 QR code for Wi-Fi
  • 1 staff member
  • No ads included

Prices and Packages

Choose the package that best suits your requirements and enjoy a free 7-day trial. Your credit card information is not required.

  • Qrazy Menu, our QR code menu, optimizes your restaurant experience. It streamlines ordering, reduces physical contact, and enhances performance. Customers can easily navigate, order, and access instantly by scanning QR code with their smartphone's camera. Making it easier for restaurants to deliver excellent customer service.

  • With Qrazy Menu, creating a QR code menu is an easy process. Simply sign up for an account, log in, and follow the intuitive menu creation interface. Add your menu items, organize them into categories, customize the design to match your restaurant's visuals, and generate a QR code. Place the QR code on tables, then customers can scan the code easily with their smartphone cameras to access your digital menu instantly.

  • At Qrazy Menu, we prioritize the security and privacy of your customer data. Our platform sticks to industry-standard encryption protocols, ensuring that all sensitive information is safeguarded against unauthorized access. We employ robust security measures to protect data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, providing you and your customers with a secure and reliable digital menu.

  • Qrazy Menu simplifies the management of promotions and discounts. You can easily update your digital menu in real-time to showcase special offers. Whether it's a limited-time discount, happy hour deal, or promotional menu items, the platform allows you to modify prices, descriptions, and images instantly. This flexibility ensures that your customers are always informed about the latest promotions.

  • Yes, we understand that technical issues may arise, and customer support is a top priority for us. Qrazy Menu offers responsive customer support to assist you with any challenges or inquiries you may have. Our dedicated support team is available through several ways, including email and phone, ensuring that you receive instant assistance and can make the most of our platform.

  • Absolutely! Qrazy Menu is designed to accommodate changes in your restaurant's branding or menu offerings. In case of a rebranding, you can easily log into your Qrazy Menu account, update your menu items, customize the design elements to reflect the new branding, and generate a new QR code. This simple update process ensures that your digital menu stays aligned with your restaurant's evolving identity, providing a consistent and updated experience for your customers.

  • Easily modify items and categories on Qrazy Menu by accessing the intuitive interface. You can also include images and descriptions for each item to enhance your restaurant digital menu visuals, providing detailed information for your customers.